The 2021 annual report on Belgian Development Cooperation is available in digital format.

This annual report fulfils the legal obligation to present to the Federal Parliament the results of Belgian Development Cooperation during the previous year. This report is intended for anyone interested in development cooperation.

The first part examines the results of Belgian development cooperation. Both in the monitoring of bilateral cooperation and in the programs of non-governmental actors and multilateral institutions, special attention is given to these results. Questions such as "How much did we spend" (financial report) and "What did we do" (activity report) are still relevant, but must be linked to the next question: "What did we achieve" (results report). This report illustrates this approach, not only at the level of the different actors in Belgian cooperation (governmental, non-governmental, multilateral) but also in certain priority policy themes.  

The second part of the report opens up to other policy areas than development co-operation, which can have an equally important impact on development in our partner countries. In this respect, the law of 19 March 2013 explicitly provides for working towards policy coherence for development, a process aimed at ensuring that the objectives and results of our government's development cooperation policies are not thwarted by other policies of the same government.

The Annual Report 2021 can be downloaded here. Enjoy reading it!