Improving the quality of primary health care and services in Rwanda (MINISANTE V)

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Improving the quality of primary health care and services in Rwanda (MINISANTE V)

Enabel - the Belgian development agency
Basic health care
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Strengthening the quality of primary health care and health services in Rwanda. - The quality assurance system is set up and integrated and functional at the level of all hospitals. - The mental health services are accessible at the community level up to the national level in a sustainable way. - The urban health service coverage is rationalized and extended in line with the three guiding principles of the National Health Sector Policy. - The leadership and governance is reinforced, specifically regarding district stewardship, the respective toles of MoH and RBC and the public private partnership. Date are generated, analysed and used for evidence-based decision-making in a more correct, integrated, systematic, accessible and effective way. - The asset management system is designed and operational in cost-effective way. A people-centred, integrated and sustainable health care system with quality essential health care services as close to the community as possible has been reinforced.


Health is one out of three main priorities of the BE/RWA ISP 2011-2014 (55 MEUR). This project puts specific emphasis on institutional strengthening, integration of mental health care and the concept of urban health. Total budget is 21 MEUR, to which 34 MEUR are allocated to the sector through sectoral budget support.