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What is Openaid?  

On the Openaid platform you will find all projects, programmes, international contributions and humanitarian aid that Belgium has funded in the context of international cooperation since 2014. 

As Belgium works with the poorest countries, this cooperation often takes place in a very challenging context. This is why Openaid not only features our success stories, but is also a place where we can address the challenges and obstacles we face. In doing so, Openaid offers a look into the complex field of development cooperation. 

Belgian Development Cooperation

International cooperation works 

Belgium is working towards a world where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of where you are born. We do so in accordance with the sustainable development framework set out by the United Nations. 

We put these sustainable development goals into practice through targeted cooperation projects aimed at, for instance, poverty reduction, health care, education and human rights. Moreover, gender equality and climate are overarching concerns throughout all our projects. 

International cooperation